Antminer E9 Online Firmware Upgrade Tutorial – Detailed Guide

Antminer E9 Online Firmware Upgrade Tutorial - Detailed Guide

This is a comprehensive guide for updating the Antminer E9‘s firmware online. Before you begin, download the most recent firmware from our page on Antminer E9 Firmware.

I. Preparing Tools

1. Computer (Windows system), miner (or control board), and router are examples of hardware.

2. Software includes the most recent Antminer E9 firmware (which supports the ETC version firmware), the IPReporter tool, and Google Chrome (or Firefox).

II. Log in to the Miners

1. Connect the computer to the router, and also connect the miner (or control board) so that the router can enable the DHCP service. The computer and the miner are on the same network segment. On typical home routers, the DHCP service is turned on by default, and the WIFI and default network port are also on the same network segment and typically don’t need to be changed.)

2. Click Start after launching IPReporter on the computer.

3. When you press the IP Report button on the miner or control panel, the indicator light will flash five times in red and green to show that the miner has successfully reported the IP to the network.

4. The computer’s IPReporter software will display the device’s IP address and MAC address after the miner sends back the IP. IP is all we need.

Antminer E9 Online Firmware Upgrade Tutorial - Detailed Guide

5. Launch Google Chrome and type the retrieved IP address into the browser’s address bar before pressing Enter.

6. It will prompt you for a username and password. Enter the username and password (both of which default to root). Directly log in using the new user name and password if you have changed them.

III. Miner upgrade

1. Click Firmware Upgrade when you’ve reached the miner’s backstage. Keep in mind that the firmware update is tucked away beneath the system drop-down menu. To access the firmware upgrade interface, click the drop-down menu behind the system, open it, and then click Firmware Upgrade.

2. The file selection window will open when you click the upload button on the firmware upgrade interface, where you can also find the pre-made firmware path. Open after choosing the appropriate firmware.

3. After selecting a firmware and opening it, the name will appear in the window hiding the firmware file. Click to upgrade the firmware after making sure it is accurate.

4. After clicking to upgrade the firmware, the miner will prompt “Wait while we upgrade the firmware.” The firmware update and restart that follow take about a minute.

Antminer E9 Online Firmware Upgrade Tutorial - Detailed Guide

5. The miner will automatically restart after upgrading its firmware. Refresh this page after the restart. The miner has finished the upgrade at this point.

E9 Server Manual

6. The miner firmware version is compared to the upgraded firmware version after the upgrade to see if it is consistent. The upgrade was successful if it was consistent.

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