How to Reload Or Upgrade Bitmain Antminer E9 Firmware?


This guide will teach you how to reload Or upgrade Bitmain Antminer E9 firmware.

And this also applies to all ANTMINERs, except B3.

1. Download the Firmware.

Get the Firmware on our Antminer E9 firmware page. Choose the ETC Firmware or ETHW&ETF Firmware according to the coins you want to mine.

2. Get the firmware now. To download the firmware, use a browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

In a convenient location on your laptop or computer, save the file and unzip.

3. Access System > Upgrade in your miner’s interface. Click “Browse” to find the file and “Flash” to load the file.

reload or upgrade firmware

After the firmware has loaded, keep the miner running and powered for 20 minutes. It will show “System Upgrade Success” if the upgrade is successful.

reload or upgrade firmware
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